I will arrive, presented to you clean and lovely. If there's a need to freshen up, please take the time to do so. 

Regarding incall reservations, the exact location of the incall will be disclosed to you the day of. 

I always maintain a lovely incall, in pleasant metropolitan surroundings.


 Upon meeting, place my benefaction in an unsealed envelope, or gift bag.

You may hand my benefaction to me upon my arrival, or have it in plain sight. 

I will thoroughly review the benefaction.

Perhaps, you want to accompany my benefaction with a gift to present, from my wishlist...

In The Event of Calling Off Our Lovers' Tryst...

In the event of calling off our engagement, I request that I am provided with full 48 hours notice. 

That simple regard, will go appreciated. That simple regard, will leave a suitable impression for rescheduling.


Regarding call off's with insufficient notice, your date investment will not be returned.

Regarding arrangements made within less than a 48 hour frame of time; should you call off our engagement, your date investment will not be returned.

Regarding tour dates, your date investment is nonreturnable.

Companion Reference

I welcome you to offer two reputable upscale companion references, in lieu of disclosing the company which you work for.

Nonetheless all personal information is private and in high regard. 

Companion reference requirements:

Must be an upscale companion.

Must be a companion you've seen within the last 8 months. 

Must be a companion willing to reference on your behalf.

Please be sure to include the companion's name, as well as the website and/or advertisement.


I offer tasteful commendations, on my personal platform, for you to peruse.

You are as well, welcome to read formally collected reviews on Private Delights and The Erotic Review.

My friends are tasteful.

Non Discrimination

I do not discriminate on the basis of older age, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, dis/ability, etc. 

As long as you're respectful, meet/exceed my expectations, and we have a healthy connection...

I welcome spending time together!

However, even though I do not select with whom I spend my time, based upon those shallow components alone; I am a discerning young woman, and I choose to engage with those I feel deserve it.

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