Q: How will you dress for our time together?

A: I hold eyes for all the right reasons, while maintaining a classy and feminine presence. I prefer to wear tasteful pieces, that showcase my lovely contours. 

I am open to wardrobe requests, as I'd like to dress for the occasion.

Q: Are you available now?

A: I suggest planning minimally a full day in advance to arrange an engagement with me.

On the chance that I am available for a spur of the moment lovers' tryst, it'd be a pleasure.

Q: How may I get to know you prior to our date?

A: If we are meeting for a longer engagement for the first time, thorough correspondence is encouraged. 

You are welcome to read through my journal entriesI as well, welcome you to browse

my Instagram account and/or Twitter account

Q: How do I proceed attaining an extension on our date?

A: If you wish to extend our time together, make your wish known to me, and please have the proper benefaction to prolong our time spent. In date extensions are +400 an hour.

Please keep in mind that I may have other commitments however.


Q: What is it like spending time with you?

A: You are the center of my attention, when you are with me. I want to learn you, as no other woman has, and appeal to your senses in a way special to us.

Q: How about that pre~engagement investment?

A: Once you are verified as an upstanding gent, I will request the investment, as well as give you links, to do so.

Pre-engagement investments are required for all engagements...  

Simply, because it's best we're both invested.

Q: How do you feel regarding a long term arrangement?

Q: Why haven't I heard back from you? 

A: I choose to engage myself with an upstanding gentleman, I feel there'd be mutual enjoyment.

If I am not provided with the requested information, to verify you're an upstanding gent, I will not be engaging. I prioritize responding to an arrangement proposal that is well thought out and concise. Once history is established between us, requests won't be so much of a formal thing, and you may request via email or text. Still, well thought out and concise requests, are valued.

A: Lasting romances are dear to me. A semi~exclusive, long term arrangement is available by request.

To further inform yourself of the terms, inquire.


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